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Calw to Horb Tour 4

Distance: 149 milesTravel time: 5 hrsScenario: Good

Calw to Horb Tour No. 4

Okay, I messed this one up. Didn't even have a Camera with Me. Not going to whine over it though. Just going to ride it again sometime. This particular tour could fall under the category; SLOW, but it's just as interesting as any of the others. I personally haven't found a "Boring" tour yet. Some leave that "Something To Be Desired" effect with you; but so far, I would only say, less than 0.01%. Since I've started this web site I've even up-graded the map. Points of Interest:Böblingen/SindelfingenTübingenBebenhausenNagold River ValleyUpper Neckar River ValleyWeil der StadtCalwand well, you just can't even begin to count it all. I've got to admit it's quite different traveling the roads of Germany from one Central Location. There are only a certain amount of roads that you can use to get out of the "Hometown" with. You're always going to go back home sometime. But, of course getting there and back is the Main reason of it all and if it's touring that's your main interest then any road that you take is sufficient.Just being able to ride this tour was a pleasure. The sites and sounds of Germany present themselves in their grandiose be continued......


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