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Münsingen Tour 3

Distance: 124 MilesTravel time: 4 hrs.Scenario: Good

Day Three..... If you've gotten past the first two tours alive, then well it's not going to get too much on the "Bad" side. This tour is probably orientated more around certain sights and sounds of "Mankind" as than towards those of "Natural"origns.Even though, it's still provides the rider with enough activities to keep him on his toes. Riding this one is good. I've never personally been dissatisfied with the outcome. The background is on the "Highside", then progressing more steadily towards "Excellent". Could also be considered "Excellent" for cages(cars); with the exception of some tight spots that appear in and around Erkenbrechtsweiler. Good points of Interest: Metzingen, Reutlingen, Bad Urachand the Lichtenstein Castle. Naturally this doesn't cover them all, but can do for starters. Due to the Commercial implications of company names being used; (don't want to get sued quite yet) private contact will have to be made with the author in order to find out what actually is located in and about this area. And for all the "Old Timers"; if you just happen to have been in the military and stationed in the vicinity you should definitely know this place.Nature Park Münsingen. The one time trainings grounds for the various Armys of Europe.

Münsingen Tour 3 

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