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Personal History

Ok, So it's been some twenty five years... I've only been riding the last five or six years, but in those years I've managed to pack in some miles. Taking into account that the rest of the Time I had managed to get around with an Auto (Car, for you folks that don't ride Two-wheeled motorized devices) and had chocked up some very good trips. However, now that I'm 2wheeling it, the results just seem far more better than before... Motorcycling is not just a Hobby; It's a way of Life. Earlier in my life, when I was in the military, we would refer to this (hobby) as an "Weekend Warrior" syndrome. Well I guess you're not gonna get that kind of impression here. What I have started, I'm going to try and bring it to an end. The Limits to which someone is capable of going to in order to accomplish any given goal is open for discussion. How far a motorcyclist will go to take a ride; is also an open topic. Well, whatever the causes, reasons, or any such driving factor; I'm hoping that you won't find it here. What you will possibly be able to find here (just maybe); is a little bit of fascination about this part of Europe where I just happen to abide in. About Me? There's not much to discuss. I Ride. I Tour. I try to enjoy my surroundings. Take it all in. I guess my pictures will do the talking. I, myself, don't have a lot of time for talking (usually got to concentrate on the road ahead); except when it comes to a great ride (tour). The actual "De-briefing" that takes place at every break and of course at the end of the "Tour"; gives me that chance, and of course, this you've just got to have if you're going to be able to relate the experiences to other folks.... Born and Raised in the USA, I moved back to Germany after my tour of duty with the US Army ended. On a "Spur-of-the-Moment" whimsy. Good or bad, I've never questioned it. Naturally my personal reasons for making such a move isn't the topic of this site. What is, is Touring. Getting out on that free day and just taking off and riding. Places to see. Things to do.

My starting date for Motorcycling; 02.02.2002, and well it was the purchase date of my first privately owned motorcycle and I actually rode it home. 30 Miles on a good Feburary day. It Was cold, but not cold enough to hamper my first ride (Let the darn thing sit for 3 weeks till the weather warmed up enough to ride it comfortably). So, with what little experience that I have had with the "Steel Steed", "Iron Horse" ( in the early sixties; we mounted a go cart engine on a bicycle frame with the intention of moving a human body at a speed faster than a walk). It was my Idea of the perfect way to see it all.

By the way, the terms "Iron Horse" or "Steel Steed"used here-in, is not to be confused with anything else because; there are as many "Races and Breeds" of that beloved four legged creature as there are "Makes and Models" of the "Two-wheeled" kinds of steeds out there. So, having purchased a "Steel Steed" (Bike, Scooter, Cycle, Moped- and any other name for it) of my own, I started the "Pictures-on-the-Wall" thing. Not to be confused with "Hole-in-the-Wall" thing. How does it turn out?J.L.SmiththeGSF1811

Castle Katzenstein 

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