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Touring Summary

The Tour List

10. Heidenheim-Günzburg Tour

These are just the first Tours available. There are more. Highlighted tours are those with attachments and complete documentation. Those that are not highlighted have been ridden. However, for one reason or another documentation was, at the time of the tour; not made due to certain circumstances.

This naturally will be corrected in the futrue as these Tours come back into focus as the main target for the next "Road Trip". The actual number of planned Tours stands now at 55, with even more in the making. Taking into effect that not everyone will enjoy every Tour planned; It just seems natural to make the best out of what I've been able to do; Ride. I've got to admit though, I have probably got one very large advantage. I'm living here. I've ridden these roads and well depending on the various situations under which the road trips were made, I don't think that I have left out too many scenarios. We'll see.

Although these tours are centered around Motorcycling, it is not totally out of the question that these "Drives" through the German countryside are going to be solely limited to a 2Wheeled scenario. "Points of Interest" are included on all of these tours and with all due respect; finding a parking place for a "Motorized Transportation Unit" will probably be just as hard for 2 wheels as for 4.

1. Stauferland Tour No.1

2. Stauferland Tour No. 2

3. Münsingen Tour

Since the "Hometown" acts as the central "Basis Point" for these tours, I have listed these in the order as to which they have been ridden. Using this as a beginning point for a "Summer Vacation" of motorcycle riding; start with tour one and then just follow through.

Vellberg Castle

4. Calw to Horb Tour

5. Löwenstein Tour

6. Black Forest North Tour

7. Odenwald Tour (Planned)

8. Kocher Tal Tour

9. BärenTal Tour

How it Works

How it works? Well it's easy. The Mapped routes of travel are simply suggested touring routes. I have probably ridden these tours in so many different variations (kind of adds a good touch every time) that I can't even begin to describe all of the different sights that have been encountered on the way. Example: Stauferland Tour no. 1 On the map by the village of Ottenbach- that small road going in the direction of Rechberg. alternate No. 1 gives this:

Just below Rechberg

11. Blaustein Tour


12. Black Forest Middle

To the Maps

MTisSG Road MapsThe Other 20 to 30 Routes and Tours

Where It's at..

13 Pfläzerwald

14 Ravensburg

15 Zwiefalten Tour

16 Harburg Castle

17 Haigerloch

18 Katzenstein Castle

19 Just For Fun

Ramsberg Castle in the background

aBBB.NC action


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